About Our Business
Stuttgen's Lazy S Stables started as a family operated AQHA (American Quarter
Horse Association) breeding operation.  We were involved in all areas of the
Equine Industry: breeding, raising, training, showing, shoeing, selling, trading,
hosting horse shows, riding lessons, judging, trail riding, hayrides, you name it, we
did it all as a family.

The family originally consisted of Bernie & Colene and their three children.  As the
children grew, so did the business with each kid having their own special interest
in the industry as well.   

As the family expanded with spouses and grandchildren, so did the interest of
Bernie and Colene and they expanded into the draft horse arena.  They
participated in their first draft horse show with a team of grade Shires in 1993.  
They began expanding the herd in 1996 with a matched team of registered Shire
mares and again in 1997 with the addition of Father Hill Captain Midnight, a
registered stallion.  

Thus began the new venture of breeding bigger and better horses.  The herd
continued to expand yearly, and in 2002 YF Aces R Wild was added as a junior
stallion to enhance the bloodlines. Then in 2011 another stallion, Illusion Farms
Last Tango was added to the farm. The herd now consists of 19 Shires, of which
17 were bred, raised, trained and now are shown by the entire family. We expect
three new foals to join the herd this spring.  With the grandchildren now doing the
majority of the driving, the third generation seems to have taken control of the
reins and are now bringing home the trophies!

Just as the herd has increased in size, so has the family.  The family tradition
continues on with Bernie and Colene; their son Jay, his wife Donna and their
children Caitlin, Cortni, Ashley and Leah; their son Joel, his wife Karen and their
children Jason, Kyle, Kendra, Jacob and Kaylee; and their daughter Jan, her
husband Rod and their sons Shane and Spencer.
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